2006_10_mayorbpres.jpgMayor Bloomberg keeps saying he isn't running for President, but his actions seems to indicate he does have the West Wing on the mind. The odd thing is that in the midst of the Mayor's denials, his deputy mayor Kevin Sheekey keeps talking about wanting the Mayor to run for President. Today, in an interview with the Daily News, Sheekey says he hopes Bloomberg "changes his mind", and says:

If you have a country which continues to be divided the way it is, if you find that increasingly you have gridlock in Washington and that the country needs a chance to start over, then, I think, they'll look to a person like Mike Bloomberg.

Which is not to say that Mayor Bloomberg is running for President - it's just that one of his closest and most trusted advisers thinks he should run and the adviser is telling one of the city's biggest papers as much. We'd think Mayor Bloomberg cleared Sheekey to speak to the Daily News, so something must be afoot, right?

Other political pundits also believe the Mayor has something bigger planned. Either that or Bloomberg will try to launch some sort of other philanthropic, national issues-based non-profit.