In Bloomberg's New York, we are all his grandchildren, subject to rambling narratives on how hard it was to become a billionaire in his day and treated to presents like old pennies or the odd e-cigarette ban. Now it appears we'll have to compete with a tiny baby for Bloomberg's tough love; the outgoing mayor's first grandchild was born yesterday.

Bloomberg's daughter Georgina gave birth to a son, according to a spokesperson for the family. "Georgina Bloomberg and Ramiro Quintana welcomed their son, Jasper Michael Brown Quintana, weighing in at 7.7lbs, this afternoon at 4:34 p.m. in New York City," the spokesperson told the Post. "Both mother and baby are doing great."

Quintana, a professional equestrian, and Georgina have reportedly been dating for over a year, and they live together in Florida. Bloomberg told reporters he was "thrilled and just so proud of Georgina” and it’s “an incredible way to start the new year.”

That kid's going to spend a lot of time getting denied candy and trying to get Grandpa to smile.