2006_04_mayorb.jpgMayor Bloomberg is pretty peeved that a judge ruled that city workers can use the Internet during work. The billionaire who made his living by making information accessible says that a phone call or an email from a relative is all right (something about it being "de minimis part of your day" - hey, we need to Google that!) but "spending hours on the Internet" "is inappropriate." Hmm, so why does the city have a website - what if we're trying to find information critical to living our lives? Tell us that, Mayor Bloomberg! This leads us to what we've suspected all along - Mayor Bling has a legion of people surfing the web for him. Anyway, this can only mean good things for text messaging, web-enabled phones and the "vibrate setting."

Remember when Mayor Bloomberg fired an employee for having solitaire up on his computer screen? And what defines "relative"? Because many people would consider their friends "like a brother/sister."