Yes, Mayor Bloomberg voted today—after waiting for about 45 minutes—and also complained about the stupid electronic ballot scanners. Bloomberg told reporters, "I think the machines are a very bad idea. People can look over your shoulders,” he said, referring to the lack of privacy at polling sites. “Nobody understands what’s going on. The old machines from my way of thinking worked fine... I did vote. And hopefully my vote will be counted."

Mayor Bloomberg also had to help a poll worker find his own name in the voting roster and, as it happens, doing that is illegal. According to DNAinfo, the poll worked was "flustered... when Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his media entourage of more than a dozen television and still cameras turned up" and she wasn't able to find his name in the records: "So she turned over the voter roll to him to find his own name, in violation of Board of Elections policy, officials said." Bloomberg should have stuck to Instagramming his vote!