There is a lot of speculation about how Mayor Bloomberg will make good on his inauguration day promise to go after illegal guns. After his speech, the NRA and various pro-gun groups attacked the Mayor; for instance, the NY Sun had an NRA quote saying that "Mayor Bloomberg ought to focus on New York City, given that that's his area of responsibility. He has challenges over there because he has misplaced priorities." Misplaced priorities? To get illegal guns off the street? The NRA's argument is that criminals should be punished as harshly as possible, and are probably worried about the Mayor's lawsuit against gunmakers (the ol' "gun was initially legally purchased but then stolen and used in a crime" question). Yesterday, the Daily News suggests that he might use his personal fortune to get the message out there, stirring more fear. Yeah, gun-toting red staters hate liberals who become Republicans to win elections, even if they are rich. We liked this part of the News article best:

"Virginia is liberal in gun ownership, but our crime rate is very low," explained Jerry Thompson, 41, owner of Dominion Shooting Range Inc., a Richmond gun shop. "So we kind of thumb our nose at New York because gun laws are so restrictive there, but crime is higher."

In truth, the per capita crime rate was almost three times higher in Richmond than in New York City in 2004, according to the last full year of FBI data on major crimes.

Take that! The Mayor is apparently also looking to ask the Mayor of Boston, Chicago and LA to support his anti-illegal gun measures.

The New Yorkers Against Gun Violence website and the city's Department of Consumer Affair's fake toy gun complaint form.