Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg, when he was addressing Staten Island's 117-year-old Westerleigh Improvement Society, showed off his iPad, which he was using instead of paper notes. But interacting with the touchscreen was a little hard: "I put some notes on it [that] normally I have on my cards, and we'll see whether or not this works. Right away, I just went zipping off to the wrong place."

According to the Daily News, Bloomberg's scheduler "Shea Fink suggested Bloomberg trade in his usual thick daily briefing book for a special iPad version." Bloomberg said he hoped it would save time and paper, "We're going to have to do it with less. So maybe we can use technology to do that." While he has no idea what else is on his iPad, it's possible he could run the city from the device (maybe he needs tips from Ray Kelly)—heck, the Prime Minister of Norway relied on his iPad when grounded in the state when the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted with the travel problem-causing ash.