This past weekend saw a tradition that involves the Mayor dressing up in chainmail and belittling his various policies and efforts: The annual press corps spoofing of the city government. Last year, the Mayor skipped the follies because of Pope John Paul's death, but this year, he donned an outfit from Monty Python's Spamalot to sing "Spendalot," an ode to his super expensive campaign, and according to Newsday, he was "shimmying and kicking like a bad Rockette dancer." Boy, Gothamist isn't sure if we're glad or sad that we didn't see it! We do appreciate the fact that the Mayor didn't go in drag, because we still have nightmares from Rudy Giuliani's trowel-like application of foundation. The Politicker gives some extra details that weren't in the papers including how Bloomberg's girlfriend Diana Taylor and Deputy Mayor Patricia Harris sang Landslide and the Mayor made fun of NY1 and the NY Sun.

Gothamist bets next year the Mayor will do a skit from the Pajama Game - it's all about union! But we just request he keep his shirt on - he's no Harry Connnick Jr.

Photograph from Newsday