2007_03_billsigning2.jpgInteresting turn of events in the City Council's attempt to pass a bill that would crack down on the pedicab industry. Mayor Bloomberg, who had initially supported stricter measures, was about to sign the bill but hesitated, saying, "I want to think about it."

Some pedicab advocates, including the drivers, appeared the bill signing ceremony; amNew York spoke to driver Melissa Ludwig, who said, "We spoke and he listened. We reminded him of his plan to create a sustainable city by 2030. We said, 'Mayor Bloomberg, don't just talk the talk, walk the walk." She also offered to give him a ride for free.

The Mayor can either veto the bill (and the City Council can override it) or not sign the bill, which automatically turns bill into law. The Mayor's spokesman Stu Loeser took the opportunity to say, "This shows bill signings are not just pro forma, that they are public hearings. Although most bills are signed with minimal public comment. You don't generally see what we saw today."