2005_04_mayorbloombytime.jpgGothamist has a feeling that Bob Kerrey is on the top of Mayor Bloomberg's crap list, because Kerrey's surprise weekend announcement that he might consider running for NYC mayor totally stole the Mayor's thunder over being named one of Time magazine's top city mayors. With a press release designed to acknowledge this honor, the Mayor got to give his election year soundbite, namely how his administration has "taken our City through a fiscal crisis, put our economy back on track, driven crime down to historic lows, improved our quality of life and begun to reform a school system that failed generations of our children." Gothamist did like, however, how Newsday pointed out that two of the people grading the mayors (as it were) by Time were consultants to the Bloomberg administration. Newsday has some great mayoral race coverage, with an article about what voters are worried about these days (real estate and taxes) and a compilation of past articles looking at the Bloomberg record.

Oh, and on the Kerrey tip, it seems that he's saying a mayoral run "unlikely". Kerrey hasn't chalked it up to being crazy, but given that he said he was "emphasizing my commitment and enthusiasm for my work at New School University," Gothamist can only imagine that the New School administration pulled out the contract and showed Kerrey the fine print: No running for Mayor on our time, buddy - that's just for elected officials and billionaires.