After Mayor Bloomberg reportedly made some remarks that sounded like he supported gay marriage during a private event last week, the media is claiming he's flip-flopping, after telling reporters, "Well, I don't know that I said that," though many witnesses say Bloomberg said he thought the "law should be changed" at a National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association dinner in private home. Mayor Bloomberg continued to say yesterday:

I've always believed in civil rights for people, and whether it's civil unions or marriage, I think you should have all of the same legal rights. I think it's a complex issue, and you can see that everybody is having difficulty dealing with it. ... I've gone back and forth in my mind as to where I really stand.

Psst, Mr. Mayor, we hear that homosexuals are HUGE gossips, so if you didn't want them to repeat what you said, it's your own fault. But, if this was an attempt to get your thoughts out there without committing them, well, it's slightly back-fired.

Mayor Bloomberg marched with New Paltz mayor, Jason West, yesterday in a Queen St. Patty's Day parade; the Times reports that they didn't speak about the issue, which has become an "irritant" for the mayor lately. City Council Speak Gifford Miller and City Comptroller Bill Thompson, eyeing challenging the mayor on the Democratic ticket in 2005, are demanding the Mayor make his views known.

Rudy Giuliani told Tim Russet on Meet the Press that he opposes a gay marriage ban.