In a forceful display of making officials employees realize they are not better than regular New Yorkers, Mayor Bloomberg is, per the Times headline, "Yanking Sirens and Lights From Cars of 255 City Officials." This comes after WCBS reported Deputy Mayor Carol Robles-Roman's abuse of them. Gothamist wants photos on Mayor Bloomberg going from car to car, with Hulk-like rage, tearing out the sirens and lights.

There are still 73 civilian cars with lights and sirens; besides the mayor, Deputy Mayor of Operations, Marc Shaw, chief of staff Peter Madonia, and Press Secretary Ed Skyler are the only administration officials who get to keep them. Some officials had to plea their case for why they should keep them, while others felt the sirens and lights weren't neccessary to begin with/ One told the Post, "Like I use them anyway," and chief medical examiner, Charles Hirsch, told the Times if had only used them once in his 15 years and "If I needed that to define who I am, I better redefine my priorities."

Bless the Post for their headline: Siren-ara.