It's great to know what our Mayor thinks about some of toys that toy manufacturers hope will be big sellers this year. At a Toys for Tots fundraiser with a "mostly gay audience," here's what Rush & Molloy picked up:
- On the G.I. Joe 40th Anniversary doll...no, action figure - "[Joe would get] freaky-weaky, but you've gotta get to know him first." Freaky weaky? Do they mean freaky deaky?
- On Tickle Me Elmo dacing to "YMCA," the Mayor said, "You can't make this s-- up." No, you can't. Elmo like to dance!

The Mayor also pandered to his audience by by saying he'd like a West Side Stadium because that would be used "eight Sundays a year by groups of very large athletic men wearing tight pants." Yeah, football is homoerotic, just don't tell the fans that. And in a fundraiser yesterday, the Mayor blew the horn of the Independence Party, citing the disaffect in both the Republican and Democratic parties. The 40th Anniversary G.I. Joe is just under $35 on Amazon, but Gothamist is a fan of Gay Billy.