2006_09_mayord.jpgAs the city continues to beat the drum against trans fats, Mayor Bloomberg is taking every single opportunity to tell people why they are bad for you. At a press conference yesterday, he said, "If you want to eat fries, nobody's taking away your ability to eat fries. I love McDonald's fries." It's just that restaurants should use fatty oils that just don't have trans fats! We expect McDonald's to be sending a truck of fries to City Hall shortly.

The hilarious thing about press conference is that Robert DeNiro was on hand to discuss a partnership between the TriBeCa Film Festival and Rome Film Festival, but Mayor Bloomberg took the opportunity to say, ""If you look at some of the best restaurants in this city, including Robert De Niro's, they do not use trans fats because they don't need them in their food and there's no reason to have them." The Post reports that DeNiro was surprised about the reference, "scunched up his face" and remained silent about trans fats. The Mayor told Bobby D that he gave him a "plug," but this shows the Mayor's not too smart - is Robert DeNiro someone you would want to "surprise"? And Bobby only talks about movies! Anyway, DeNiro - and the Mayor - must have been relieved when his restaurant, TriBeCa Grill, confirmed that it only uses olive and canola oils, as many reporters contacted the eatery.

Here's some more information about trans fat.