This is getting good: Mayor Bloomberg is pissed off by another Republican Congressman! This time it's Todd Tiahrt of Kansas, whose bill would "deny local investigators access to a federal database that traces guns," as in NYPD would not be able to trace guns. The Mayor said, "It is an outrage. It would take away the city's ability to look at the list of who has guns that may very well be used to kill people...This is an end-run by the NRA to take away the police department's ability to get guns off the street and for us to hold gun manufacturers liable." Tiahrt is a member of the NRA and his spokesperson gives the usual lip service about the Second Amendment. Good gracious, spokesperson of Tiahrt, do you not realize that civil liberties mean NOTHING to our mayor? In this case, Gothamist supports Bloomberg's attempted gun control, because it's a no-brainer. And why shouldn't the NYPD try to crack down on criminals and possible gun rings?

ryan_watch.jpgAfter his uninvitation of Ohio Congressman Bob Ney to a luncheon he was hosting, Gothamist can't wait for the Mayor work his way through hating each member of Congress. No matter what Bloomberg does, Gothamist is sure that he's less on the outs with the Republicans than Illinois Senate hopeful Jack Ryan, whose sex scandalicious brouhaha makes us want to live in Chicago just a little bit. Read Chicagoist for the latest; we especially enjoyed the post that pointed out how the Chicago Sun-Times explains what happens in sex clubs.