2006_05_seaplane.jpgEveryone has at least five stories about how crappy the area airports can be - either with delayed flights or the trips to and from the airports. Which is why Mayor Bloomberg's freestyling about seaplanes is so interesting. During his radio show, Mayor Bloomberg floated (go ahead, groan) the idea of taking advantage of the water that surrounds the cities and using having big seaplanes land there. "You could land out away from everybody then taxi in. There's no environmental issues to speak of," our billionaire mayor said. Now we're imaging Mayor Bloomberg in a new version of Fantasy Island - "Dee plane! Dee plane!"

The Seaplane Pilots Association field director Bob Tebbult told the Daily News, "It's a tremendous idea. It's not something for the masses, but time is money, and for those who have the money and are willing to pay for the convenience, it's a very viable idea." We wonder why there isn't a Hamptons Jitney Seaplane yet.