Mayor Blooomberg

The latest polls show that Mayor Bloomberg should be thankful he's got another job post City Hall: About two-thirds of New Yorkers would rather have another person as mayor. Possible Democratic challengers Fernando Ferrer and Gifford Miller have advantages over Bloomberg, as does the possibility of a Republican challenger (47% of Republicans would opt for someone else over the 36% of Republicans who would keep him). While the mayor's aides spin that there's no worrying about polls 2 year before elections, it doesn't do very much for the morale of his staff or for the morales of New Yorkers to hear that his approval has fallen again. It makes us question the possibility of anything actually happening in the body politic. Mayor B, you need to ratchet up your communications department. Gothamist would be happy to give you pointers on how to start your own blog for a little one-to-one constituent relationship building.