Jay Z, Frank Gehry, Marty Markowitz, and Mayor Bloomberg at the unveiling of a Nets complex; Photo: NYC.gov

With economics indicators "hinting" that New York City is coming out of a recession, Gothamist expects Mayor Bloomberg to continue his charm offensive until mayoral elections in 2005. And by charm, we mean stuff like complimenting residents for putting up with tax hikes at the unveiling of Bruce Ratner's Brooklyn redevelopment plan, as reported by the Post, also adding that NYers won't have to pay extra for snow related charges (for this first storm) and that there won't be any tax hikes soon. Mayor Bloomberg doesn't need to be mayor for another term, as he's got his billionaire empire to run, but we can all guess that a billionaire's ego can be as big as his bank account. Maybe he's getting tips from Jay–Z (above, far left) about how to pimp a little.