2005_04_morningafter.jpgYesterday, Mayor Bloomberg announced $3 million health initiative to have city hospital offer the morning after pill. The Mayor said to the National Abortion Rights Action League, where the plan was announced, "I make this promise. As mayor, and as a private citizen, I will continue to do what I can to make a difference whether in the city, in Albany, in Washington or anywhere that the rights or our daughters, our sisters, our friends or our colleagues are threatened." The NY Times notes that pro-choice groups like NARAL are very happy with the Mayor's decision, though they wish he would do more to encourage other Republicans to understand pro-choice matters. Further, this move helps Mayor Bloomberg become appealing to the many Democrats in NYC (not to mention makes him unattractive to more conservative Republicans in pockets of Queens and Staten Island). Gothamist found one observation from Newsday interesting: The Mayor had struck down a 2002 City Council plan that would crack down on pharmacies that didn't customers that contraceptives were sold and hospitals that didn't inform patients of their options. It seems the Mayor really wants to make inroads with more liberally minded voters, especially women (perhaps in case C. Virginia Fields walks away with the Democratic nomination?).

The Mayor's plan is not all about morning after pills: It also includes outreach to low-income woman and families, with help for family planning and contraception, and other plans to improve women's health and decision making. Read the press release here.