2006_05_paints.jpgSometimes, New Yorkers grouse at tourists - usually when they are slowmoving in midtown or talk really loudly about needing to find Ground Zero - but we usually love them, because if there's anything that makes us feel good, it's giving directions. But incidents like this give tourists a bad name: Three teenagers were arrested for throwing cans of paint off a Midtown hotel roof. And being smart kids from Roanoke Country High School in Virginia, they threw the cans at cops outside the 17th Precinct on East 51st Street. The Post says one can "glanced off an officer's head" and his injury wasn't too serious, but really, a paint can thrown off a 17-floor Doubletree? Maybe NYC & Company, the city's tourism arm, can come up with a slogan like, "Visit NYC, but if you break the law, you're going to be arrested."

This Doubletree location is in the recently renovated Metropolitan hotel, that wacky 1960s looking building on Lexington and 51st.