2005_09_greentea.jpgThe Daily News reports that a 70 year-old Japanese tourist was lost for two days on the Upper East Side until another Japanese couple found her. Not only did Takako Maedo not remember that she was staying at the Pierre Hotel on Fifth Avenue, she had no money and couldn't speak English to get buy. Maedo's daughter said that they were separated at St. Patrick's, and had filed a police report. However, it was only when Maedo walked into Satoru and Tomoe Kuwajima Upper East Side building, surviving by drinking water "left on the street next to a pay phone" (*shudder*) that the mystery was solved; the Kuwajimas were the first Japanese-speaking people Maedo had come across (she didn't think the police could help her) and after giving her some green tea and bread, they called the Japanese Consulate, who probably has an APB for missing Japanese elders in NYC.

This makes Gothamist wonder if perhaps some hotels should offer "guest tracking devices" for the guests who need them (not the people having clandestine affairs), because we're sure that there are a ton of visitors to New York who get lost. In fact, maybe hotels should offer cellphones or walkie talkies to guests that connect back to the concierge, so they can be coached as to how to get back.