The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages (BANHDC) sent us the above photo of a carriage horse accident that took place in Central Park on Tuesday. They tell us this is the 2nd accident in 10 days, and details are scarce. We've been told the ASPCA is investigating, and have contacted them for more details.

The previous incident took place on May 1st, when were told "a horse pulling a carriage spooked and crashed at the intersection of Central Park South and Columbus Circle." An eye witnesses said the horse ran across Central Park South against the traffic and "sideswiped several cars" before crashing. Donny Moss, director of Blinders, says he was contacted by a tourist from Seattle who said that when he arrived at the scene, the horse looked injured and there were a couple of emergency vehicles. We've contacted the ASPCA about this incident as well, and will update when we get more information.

This all comes after the City Council approved changes to the carriage horse industry, which animal rights activists didn't believe would change anything. At the time of approval, a Friends of Animals rep said, "There is simply no way to make the industry in New York City healthy and humane for horses. It just simply can't be done."