Hank Steinbrenner won’t like it, but Don Mattingly thinks the Yankees missed Joe Torre this year. Mattingly told reporters, "You listen to them talk, and I don't think they realized what Joe did for them for so long [12 playoff appearances], how special he is at what he does." Mattingly also added, "I think they sort of took him for granted, didn't realize all the things he brings to the table as a manager. You've seen it here with the Dodgers this year.” Of course, adding Manny Ramirez at the trading deadline probably helped the Dodgers make the playoffs too. For his part, Torre handled the issue of the Yankees missing the playoffs with his typical class, "I don't take satisfaction in the Yankees being eliminated.” It’s impossible to say if the season would have turned out differently with Torre in charge, but Yankees’ fans will have plenty of time to see him in the playoffs.