2007_03_matthewfox.jpgApparently, sexy Hollywood beefcake is what Columbia College is trying to promote at its Class Day this year! Last year, father-of-fellow-Columbia College-student Senator John McCain spoke, to wide protest. This year, Columbia College has selected Matthew Fox, star of Lost, to be the main speaker.

Naturally, students are very divided about the news. One tells the Columbia Spectator, "I've never heard of this guy. The years before got a Pulitzer Prize-winner and a potential presidential candidate. I suppose that after what happened last year, they wanted someone less controversial," while another student says, "It's awesome, really awesome. Better than McCain." Fox is certainly hotter than McCain.

Fox graduated from Columbia in 1989 and played for its football team, the Columbia Lions, when the team broke Columbia's 44-game losing streak. According to IMDB, he majored in economics "with the intent to end up on Wall Street. However, his girl friend's mother was a modeling agent who convinced him to try some modeling which led to a couple of TV commercials." The Bwog wants students to protest Class Day, because "seriously, Matthew Fox?" Bwog suggests other entertainment world types like Anna Paquin, Dan Futterman (from Judging Amy and the Oscar-nominated co-writer of Capote), Brian Dennehy, Brian DePalma, and Maggie Gyllenhaal: "We want a Class Day speaker that has accomplished more than being hot and lucking into a role on a show with a bunch of hot girls and then another that was a hit for a season and a half."

If we were back in college, we'd probably have more strong feelings about this. That said, since we can't remember who our class day speaker was (sorry, whomever spoke in 1998!), we think this is pretty awesome. Once Fox figures out what the Dharma Initiative is all about, you Columbia students will be glad he was your Class Day speaker!

The playwright Tony Kushner gave a great Class Day speech in 2004 (read it here). Here's a list of other notable Columbia College alumni, which includes Barack, Us Weekly editor Janice Min, Julia Styles, and Mario Van Peebles.

[Via Just Jared - thanks!]