2005_12_damonmarry.jpgSo, Boston native Matt Damon got married to his fiance, Miami resident Luciana Bozan, on Friday morning at City Hall - and Mayor Bloomberg was present. Damon and Bozan were able to bypass the Municipal Building wedding. We thought, "Why would Mayor Bloomberg attend the wedding?" Is it because Damon is filming a movie in NYC? Or because Damon is from Boston, the Mayor's original haunt? Or, perhaps, it's a returned favor, after Damon attended one of Bloomberg's "2012 Olympic Committee, pick us!" dinners at his townhouse this summer. Then the Post confirmed that the Olympic connection was why Hizzoner was there. But he didn't perform the marriage - a city clerk did - and the couple was married BEFORE the press corps arrived. Nice work, Bloomberg, to further distance yourself from your press corps - they would have loved a little celebrity.

And while most media outlets noted that Damon's BFF Ben Affleck wasn't present, Benny boy has been at City Hall before - when former fiancee Jennifer Lopez was named the honorary chairwoman of the NYC Latin Media & Entertainment Commission.