Upper East Sider Janis Spindel was trapped in her building's elevator and says the 25-minute ordeal cost her at least $10,000 a minute. On the upside, she makes $10,000 a minute. The matchmaker lives on East End Avenue and says the malfunctioning elevator made her miss an appointment with a billionaire client who was paying $250,000 just to meet with her (finding him a suitable wife would have put another $250,000 in her pockets). The NY Post is calling it a "tragic story of lost love and money."

The incident occurred late last month when the Oregon man flew in to New York City on a private jet for a power-breakfast with Spindel; he grew tired of waiting, however, and took off before she reached him. She told the paper, "He was not a happy camper. He is super successful—a 6-foot-2, retired entrepreneur who is 48 and divorced. He's a really, really awesome guy and I didn't get to meet with him."

Spindel now wants the landlord to let her out of her lease and pay for moving expenses. She says on top of the lost commission she's claustrophobic and the elevator incident was "terrifying." If the landlord refuses, the paper reports that he may be finding himself paying for her entire lost fee, as Spindel says this isn't the first time the elevators have been busted in the building, it's allegedly a regular occurrence (and NY leads in "time spent in elevators". Anyway, file under: rich people problems.