If you were worried that the woman who created a website dedicated to marrying off her son was somewhat overbearing, don't worry, she says herself that she's not meddling! Geri Brin, mother of 31-year-old mama's boy bachelor Colby Brin, said on the Today Show that she just wants to be an agent for her son, "casting a wider net" and helping figure out who is right for him. Colby seems to be taking a zen approach to the whole thing, saying, "there's nothing to lose." (Except the interest of all those eligible bachelorettes who don't want to waste their time with a man finding his dates through his mom.)

Colby, whose mother hovers eerily through the whole interview, fumbled as Meredith Vieira asked him if any of the mother-approved dates have actually been good. He says the last date he went on was with an attractive woman, but that he was the one to "drop the ball." He also says he doesn't go out with every woman his mother sets him up with, and is out there on his own trying to find Mrs. Right.

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The dating site is part of a larger website called FabOver50.com, where, as Geri explains, women share things like "perfumes, restaurants and their kids." But now, Geri and the rest of the fab mothers could be getting a boost from the Today Show. They've created their own website dedicated to finding Colby a woman. That's right, if you can describe in 3,000 characters or less why you'd be perfect for this man, you could be the lucky woman married to a man whose mother can't wait to start a website "helping" you with all your issues!