'Massive' Monday Morning Delays On The F, B, D, M Subway Lines (Also Problems On 2, 3)

The scene at Hoyt-Schermerhorn this morning around 8:45 a.m.
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The scene at Hoyt-Schermerhorn this morning around 8:45 a.m. Courtesy Skippy Santiago

Monday is back with a vengeance in the NYC subway system, with the MTA reporting 'extensive' delays on the B, D, Q, E, M, and F lines. Commuters stuck seething underground are describing the delays as 'massive,' 'shitty,' and 'annoying!'

The MTA says the source of this morning's problems is twofold: a sick passenger at Rockefeller Center, and signal problems at Broadway-Lafayette causing extensive delays on the B and D lines, forcing the suspension of M train service in both directions between Delancey Street and Forest Hills-71 Ave.

One frustrated commuter from Park Slope tells us, "An F train just dumped its entire load of passengers on Monday rush hour off at 4th-9th, not because anything was wrong with the train... but due to 'delays along the F line.' Not sure how stranding a whole bunch of passages helps that. Next F train is eight minutes away, with the next one after that eighteen minutes away!

"The platform is basically flooded with people who are not getting off for at least a half hour. What happen to going express when there was delays and/or congestion? I’m guessing that was a dumb excuse."

The signal problems also forced northbound F trains to be rerouted along the G line from Bergen Street to Court Sq, then over the E line to Jackson Hts-Roosevelt Av. Some F trains also wound up on the N line, apparently:

There's now a third source of F (and E) train delays: At 8:35 the MTA announced that southbound E and F trains are running with delays because a train's brakes were automatically activated at 36 Street in Queens.

The problems seem to be causing ripple effects on other subway lines:

Oh, and this just in; delays on the 2 and 3 line:

Honesty, I've tried to publish this subway shitshow report three times during the past twenty minutes, but each time there's been a new problem I need to add to this morning's litany of misery. So refresh often for updates!

As for the signal problems at Broadway-Lafayette, the MTA says work crews "are on the scene making repairs and we hope to resume normal service soon."

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