Police in Massachusetts are seeking to charge an Auburn man with disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace for allegedly trailing behind his son's school bus while wearing a creepy clown mask.

According to Auburn PD, the incident, which occurred on Tuesday afternoon "caused extreme fear to the children and also caused them to have to hide under a nearby backyard deck to avoid the man."

But on a local radio show, the father explained that he wasn't trying to scare a bus full of pre-teens—he was just trying to prank his 11-year-old son.

"When I was sitting in the car and the bus came by, I didn't have any action towards the kids," he explained. "I didn't throw a machete or yell or attract any attention to myself, besides of course, wearing a mask."

He also says he wasn't intentionally following the bus; he was driving behind it, but that's because he and his son were going home.

"I just did a bad family prank in possibly the worst public setting," he said.

With all the creepy clowns and creepy clown copycats lurking about, how are we going to be able to identify the real threat when the clownpocalypse finally descends upon us? Is that axe-wielding bozo Billy's dad, or is he actually trying to kill you? Who knows?!

Worse yet, how will the real clowns survive all of this?