Noted mass transit enthusiast and local felon Darius McCollum is back in jail—though this time, not for stealing a bus or impersonating a transit worker, as he is so often compelled to do. No, this time, McCollum has been accused of violating his parole, and he may be sent back to state prison.

McCollum, 49, has stolen 150 city buses since 2000, and has been arrested nearly 30 times for transit-related crimes like impersonating bus drivers and transit workers and attempting to steal a train at the Long Island Rail Road yard. McCollum has Asperger's syndrome, and says he became obsessed with mass transit after he drove an E train for a few stops as a teenager.

In December, the Queens native was paroled after serving a three year sentence, having pleaded guilty to stealing a NJ Trailways bus in 2010. He told reporters his bus stealing days were behind him: "I can't afford to get arrested again, I can't deal with the jail thing—it's too much, the gang mentality," he said. Unfortunately, his parole officers say he's missed two mandatory meetings with them, and he was sent to Riker's Island last month.

McCollum has been in prison six times, according to the Post. He could potentially be sent back to state prison until August for this violation.