Watch out models, actresses, and socialites hoping to be the belles of New York: Mary–Kate and Ashley Olsen may be coming to town to study at NYU. According to People magazine, the twin pieces of jailbait for too many males were accepted in NYU's Class of 2008, and it seems like they will be attending NYU, if you believe People's interpretation of their representatives' statement, "Like every other senior, they had been sweating out their acceptance and they are absolutely thrilled. They have always taken academics very seriously. This is a major achievement for them." Page Six and the other NY gossip rags are thrilled as well.

The Olsen twins will supposedly be enrolled at Gallatin which will allow them to create their own curriculums (and give them flexibility to film movies), but considering they are financially powerful, maybe they should take classes at Stern for "how to avoid being an E! True Hollywood Story" although Gothamist wouldn't mind seeing that one.

[Via Jared; and this is your Hanukkah present, Jake]