Famed Great White Shark Mary Lee has been bouncing by our local beaches recently, having been spotted off the coast of Long Island last month. Now, she seems to be in search of a nice suburban dwelling down the shore—her tracker pinned her down off the coast of Avalon, New Jersey on Sunday, and experts say she may be looking for a place to give birth to baby sharks. Remember, folks, baby sharks like baby legs [Editors note: no, they generally don't], which is something to keep in mind next time an infant screams in your ear while you're surreptitiously drinking sangria at the beach.

Marie Lavine, the executive director of the Shark Research Institute in Princeton, told NJ.com that there's a "nursery area" off the NJ coast where sharks go to give birth, which would make sense for Mary Lee, since experts thought she might have been pregnant last month.

According to the Internet, baby sharks are immediately abandoned by their mothers and are never told to practice the piano. They are also very cute. They will probably not bite you, even though they are born with full sets of teeth, but you should neither poach them nor bother them if you encounter them in the wild.

Experts note that it is possible that Mary Lee, who you can track online via OCEARCH, is not pregnant, but is simply in search of food in the area. Hopefully she steers clear of the sewer fish.