Mary Jo Buttafuoco has found herself once again in bed with an abusive monster...The New York Post. After years of staying with and defending Long Island body shop owner, celebrity boxer and statutory rapist ex-husband Joey, Mary Jo has now been divorced for six years and is currently promoting a book, Getting It Through My Thick Skull. In it, the Long Island Lolita victim attempts to shed light to "what millions living with sociopaths should know." The Post is happy to gain from her newfound enlightenment and in a slightly-inspired bit of making worlds collide has Amy Fisher's old nemesis take a look at other tabloid villains and give her thoughts on their sociopath status. Confirmed sociopaths in her eyes include Bernie Madoff, Rafaello Follieri and "Preppy Killer" Robert Chambers, whom she compares to one from back in her day—OJ Simpson. In her view, Eliot Spitzer is just a narcissist and Cat Killer Joseph Petchka merely a psychopath. One woman purchasing the new book at a Long Island signing yesterday said, "This is something to keep my husband stimulated." There was no word on who will play Mary Jo if someone would finally adapt her story into a made-for-TV movie.