In a move that didn't surprise anyone, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz has officially endorsed Mayor Bloomberg. In the news clips, Bloomberg acknowledged (kind of smirkily) that Markowitz made a tough decision in switching sides, but whatever, Marty knew which side his Brooklyn bread was buttered on: The side with the candidate that will mostly likely win. Anyway, suspect it's the Mayor's support of bringing more big business to Brooklyn, but Markowitz, along with other Democratic politicians (State Senator Malcolm Smith, Assemblywoman Barbara Clark and Councilman James Sanders), claim that his crime, education and affordable housing records are what makes him endorsement-worthy. Interestingly enough, NY magazine's political piece questions whether the Mayor's Republican-ness carries too much of a stink for "thinking" Democrats to vote for him. Well, that's not stopping anyone from telling the polls they'll vote for him.

The Citiizens Union, which produces the Gotham Gazette, has also endorsed the Mayor. And the NY Times' Joyce Purnick tells print readers and Times Selctians that Bloomberg's crazy campaign spending is our own damned fault, because we respond to the ads that we hate. Okay, let Gothamist say this, even though we're not NJ voters: We hate both Jon Corzine and Doug Forrester based on their ridiculous negative attack ads and no longer view Jersey City as where we'll escape to.