The Municipal Building, and a rendering for an Apple Store inside of it

Last we checked, Brooklyn Borough president Marty Markowitz was begging Steve Jobs to open an Apple store in Brooklyn. Now the Daily News reports that Markowitz, and others lobbying for the company to open up shop in the borough, have their eyes set on the Municipal Building on Joralemon Street across from Borough Hall. How convenient to Mr. Markowitz's office.

The Municipal Building already houses some city offices, but according to the paper, Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith has been looking to consolidate city real estate holdings and save $50 million in doing so. He says the Municipal Building is currently an "underutilized city asset. It just sits there."

The BBP says of the building, "It's got the foot traffic... is iconic... I think it would make for a beautiful location," adding, "They haven't made it until they've made it in Brooklyn." Hmm... pretty sure Apple's "made it," but if it takes throwing down a challenge then so be it. So far Apple is saying they have not made a decision yet on a Brooklyn location.