Like "everyman" Kimber VanRy before him, Marty Markowitz is standing up for stoop drinking. The Brooklyn Borough President was caught red handed with a glass of white as he sat on a Brooklyn stoop for an interview on NBC's "Talk Stoop" segment. VanRy, who became the poster boy for stoop drinking when he was ticketed for it last year, told the Daily News, "I just think there's a clear double standard. A law should be applied blindly to everyone, or it should be deemed ridiculous and we get rid of the law."

Hear hear! The law is already confusing enough with Mayor Bloomberg declaring it okay to uncork some bottles of wine for concerts in the city's parks. So Markowitz appearing on a New York network, drinking on a stoop and declaring it "just a regular day in Brooklyn," is pretty mind boggling. He stood up for his stoop behavior saying, "I support a ban on drinking on streetcorners or walking around with a drink. But there should be some discretion. If you're just sitting there, on your own property, not bothering anyone—come on. It's just common sense."

Tell it to the men in blue, Marty. The NYPD have already ticketed 65,881 people this year for having an open container on the sidewalk, street or stoop. VanRy tells the officers to "Leave people alone. Because obviously, the leaders of the city don't care about this law.