Marty Markowitz—tourism official, ex-Brooklyn Borough President, and frequent light-saber wielder —held a meeting with the DNC delegation on Saturday to urge the party to select Brooklyn's Barclays Center for the 2016 convention. “I spoke about how Brooklyn is the epicenter of cool,” Markowitz told The Daily News.

Markowitz is the latest in a line of city officials to tout the benefits of a Brooklyn DNC, with a formal proposal submitted by Mayor de Blasio to the Democratic National Committee on June 5th. The statement emphasizes the pros of using the Barclays Center, highlighting easy transit access and local cultural institutions.

"This spectacular arena in one of the most dynamic and resurgent neighborhoods in our city is located atop nine subway lines and a stop of the Long Island Railroad," the statement reads. "From the Brooklyn Museum and Brooklyn Academy of Music closest to the Barclays Center to destinations throughout the five boroughs ranging from the American Museum of Natural History to Staten Island's St. George Theatre, to the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx to the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, these are just a few examples of the venues that make compelling settings for the convention's many events."

The mayor also released a video about New York City, showcasing various landmarks as well as some people walking around, serving food, and smiling at the camera. Your tax dollars in action!

But while the support for a Brooklyn DNC continues, officials have also admitted the borough does not exactly meet the convention's requirements. According to the NY Times, Brooklyn can offer 3,500 hotel rooms, which only covers 10 percent of the convention's expected attendees.

“Brooklyn’s inventory, while increasing significantly, will not have enough hotel rooms for all the delegates and their families for the actual convention,” Markowitz admitted.

Still, city officials are not letting Brooklyn's lack of accommodations slow them down, citing a variety of options including budget hotels in each borough, the ease of public transit, and the availability of Citi Bike (no, don't even think about it).

“With more than 300 hotels and over 100,000 hotel rooms to choose from, New York City will ensure that every elected official, delegate, sponsor and guest of the convention will be accommodated,” mayoral spokeswoman Marti Adams told The News.