2006_6_marty1.jpgThe city's best known borough president, Brooklyn's Marty Markowitz, had stent surgery yesterday after pain and discomfort on Saturday. Stent surgery is also known as "pre-heart attack" surgery, and the AP reported that the stents were put in two arteries. And if we venture to guess what was in them, we'd have to say a combination of Junior's cheesecake, Coney Island hot dogs, and pizza from Totonno. Marty, though, wanted to let his people know he's okay:

"I want all Brooklynites and New Yorkers to know that I'm doing great and feeling fine, and can't wait to get back to work for Brooklyn. I guess I'm now a member of one of the largest 60-plus groups in America - the stent club."

Stent surgery is pretty common, so Marty should be back on his feet in no time. But will he bring back Lighten Up Brooklyn?

Wikipedia on stents.

Photograph from Tien Mao