Martha, Martha, Martha! The Daily News wins the battle of Martha Stewart cover headlines: Their's is "Curtains" vs. the Post's "Guilty" although the Post's layout is much cleaner, and thus, impactful. The jurors were turned off by her arrogance in thinking she could act on a stock tip, but were also possibly affected by the fact she didn't take the stand. The Times has an analysis of the outcome.

People wonder if it's a sexist world that causes Martha, who ambition was expressed in bettering a home life, while someone asserting their alpha, greedy nature, like The Donald, can be beloved. But do we love the Post on Douglas Faneuil's part in the case: "He 'Doug' Her Grave" - anytime we get to read Faneuil's email saying, "Baby put Ms. Martha in her place!" is a good time.