While the Post's cover is hilarious, it's such an obvious Photoshop job that Gothamist will give the crown to the Daily News for the decent "Martyr Stewart" headline. The Daily News seizes on how Martha et al. were spinning the whole issue, while the Post calls Martha "moody", based on her appeal to the public.

The Post notes that the Bedford, NY home Martha will be confined to is a sprawling 153 acres, and if she wears an electronic bracelet, the bracelet won't go as far as her land does. The NY Times looks at the Danbury women's prison Martha may go to and also says Martha will probably still influence her company, "even from jail." Expect more products and themes in the grey and bright orange family, as well as ways to make your home flattering in fluorescent light, although Gothamist did see White Oleander, so maybe it'll be more denim.

Google News on "Martha Stewart sentence".