Martha Stewart was sentenced to 5 months in prison, 2 years probation, and a $30,000 - plus a home confinement period with electronic bracelet (Stewart chose her Bedford, Maine house). Pundits are saying that this is a "downward departure" from the estimated 10-16 months many were thinking she would get. Apparently the judge showed "compassion." The funny thing is that pundits wonder if this is "a win" for Martha. The lady was found guilty is going to jail - that's not a win in Gothamist's book. [Update:] Martha is giving a statement - "Thank you for your support...it was a small personal matter...Support our magazines...I'll be back...I'm not afraid, I'm used to hard work."

The Post has a list of what Martha can and cannot do (she can still vote, but can't serve in the Army - ever!) and yesterday the Times had a piece about how Stewart was living it up in her pre-sentencing days. Also, the Times on Martha's appeal and wardrobe.

Gothamist on the Daily News and Post covers from the guilty verdict. You know, last week, Courtney Love gave the tabs something to write about on the weekend, and this week it's Martha. Will Britney give us a wedding next week?