L: AMC's Marquee, R: the Marquee in NYC

Marquee thinks the AMC cinema chain is going to tarnish their image—which allegedly didn't get tarnished during the whole abduction and rape thing? Or anytime before that just for being, you know, Marquee? Anyway, according to the NY Post, the nightclub isn't too keen on the chain using their name for their new Las Vegas restaurant, which will serve not-so-fabulous foods like hot dogs and breakfast.

Owners of the club filed a lawsuit today, which states, in part, that the movie theater chain's plans will damage their own plans to expand to Sin City. They also claim that AMC has already infringed on trademark rights by opening a Kansas City cineplex last year called The Marquee, and that "the AMC restaurant is part of an ordinary cinema complex that on closer inspection does not present the chic, upscale appearance, style, service and clientele of a trend setting, stand-alone nightclub such as plaintiff's Marquee nightclub."

On top of all that, the club says the AMC establishment clearly cops its style from their 10th Avenue club. You know, minus the designer drugs and clientele, there is something oddly similar about the two establishment's style—here's the Kansas City AMC joint, and here's the NYC hotspot.