112408marty.jpgIt seems the taxpayer-funded Keyspan park—where baseball games alternate with rock concerts—isn't good enough for borough president Marty Markowitz; he's still pushing for a new taxpayer-funded amphitheater to replace the existing one at Asser Levy Park, to the tune of $64 million. (When originally proposed two years ago, that number was $40 million.) Markowitz says the new 5,000 seat venue, which would replace the current bandshell, "would make our borough a natural stop on the summer concert circuit for entertainers." Gee, wouldn't that be something? According to the Post, Markowitz will fund the project with $54 million from his office's capital improvement funds and $10 million from the mayor's office, but Community Board 13 and the city's Arts Commission have yet to give him a green light.