2006_06_associated.jpgState Senator Jeff Klein, who reps the Bronx, part of Yonkers, Eastchester, Mount Vernon and New Rochelle, released a list of the "dirty dozen" supermarkets of establishments that have failed many, many supermarket inspections. Klein's issue with inspections is that even if an establishment fails many times, they can still operate. Thus, a "three-strike law" should be put in place to make sure the stores shape up. Questionable establishments are in all five boroughs and include supermarkets as well as pharmacies that sell grocery goods, and NY1 has the report online (PDF), which made us sick when we read it. Here are excerpts (note that all these establishments recently passed, but may not have licenses):

Rite Aid Pharmacy, 1849 2nd Ave:
"Rodent activity was particularly rampant near retail displays of candy, snack and pet foods. 16.9 lbs. of rodent defiled foods were seized from stock room shelves on 10/26/05 and 12 lbs. of rodent defiled Iams cat food were seized from retail shelves on 8/24/05.

Associated 255 W 14th Street :
"Failed four consecutive inspections between 7/05/05 and 02/02/06 due to rodent activity throughout the deli, food storage and preparation areas. Twenty-eight pounds of dog foods defiled with mouse droppings, gnaw marks and urine stains were seized from store shelves on 5/06/05. Hundreds of mouse droppings have been noted on multiple occasions."

American Fu Zhou Grocery 101 East Broadway:
"Failed five consecutive inspections between 4/25/05 and 1/06/06 with four of the failures due to rodent activity (hundreds of mouse droppings) in retail and food storage areas. The fifth failure was due to foods from unapproved sources. On 1/06/06 a three lb. box of dried noodles was seized after being found to be defiled with gnaw marks and mouse droppings."

Noah Products 322 Ditmas Ave, Brooklyn:
"Failed six consecutive inspections between 10/12/05 and 2/15/06 due to rodent (dozens of mouse droppings cited on 5 occasions) and insect (3 instances of live cockroaches) activity. Two shipping cartons of rodent defiled smoked fish were seized on 10/12/05"

Well, here's to boiling or nuking things to a pulp before eating them.

What's the dirtiest supermarket you've been to? We don't consider Rite Aid a supermarket, but we have noticed that some locations are particularly gross while Duane Reade locations tend to be cleaner on the whole.

Photograph of Associated Supermarket (though not the one in the study) from rachelleb