In an apparent attempt to join the Appalachian Trail via the Seventh Avenue Express, former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was spotted on the 2 train around 2:45 this afternoon. A reader writes that Sanford was on the train sporting a preppy Palmetto State belt "through 42nd street," but she had to get off before she saw where Sanford exited. "I didn't try to talk to him, I was hoping to if he looked up but he was pretty buried in his Blackberry." Yes, it's annoying when Auto-Correct messes up "kissywissy dewdrop lips" for the eighth time.

Although the former Governor conducted some of his famous affair with his soulmate, Argentinian Maria Belen Shapur, in New York City and the Hamptons, Sanford was last spotted with her on a Uruguayan beach in January. After leaving his wife, the former First Lady of South Carolina, he seems happy. So what was Sanford doing here? Meeting with his publishing agents? Coaxing down an elitist peacock? Keep your eyes on Missed Connections, someone's bound to lock eyes and peer into his soul.