Jets rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez's photo spread in GQ was released this week, and naturally his teammates couldn't pass up the opportunity to remind of it. The NY Times reports that images from the spread were plastered all over the locker room. "They particularly liked the shot of Sanchez on the beach, the rookie quarterback turned model lifeguard, and they decided to call him David Hasselhoff, a nod to the former 'Baywatch' actor." And tackle Kris Jenkins suggested that Sanchez and Kerry Rhodes do a male model walk-off a la Zoonlander, "We need to determine the prettiest male in this locker room." Even coach Rex Ryan was somewhat approving, "[Sanchez's photos look] much better than most of our guys would. Let’s just be happy it was him and not some of our linemen.” As for his skills on the field, Sanchez was 1 for 4 in practice yesterday.