We all have our secrets: pickup gurus have their dating skills, In-N-Out Burger has their recipe, and Victoria's Secret has bedbug problems. So what is the secret Jets QB Mark Sanchez doesn't want anyone to know? He's a huge dork.

At least that's what the Post, who have a profile of the Jets star today, would have you think. Their evidence: Sanchez lives with his brother, celebrated his 23rd birthday with turkey legs and jousting at Medieval Times, and tweets about which Disney films he should rent ("Lion King? Aladdin? Jungle Book? Peter Pan? Help?"). He has seen the Broadway musicals "Wicked," "In the Heights," "Rock of Ages," "Billy Elliot" and "Memphis" multiple times, and according to friends, often belts out show tunes in the car. His biggest fear in filming the HBO series Hard Knocks was that he might "drop an F-bomb" and disappoint his mother (unlike Rex Ryan, who merrily dropped at least 10 of them in the show's first episode).

They also debunk the party-boy bachelor image Sanchez had begun to garner, including his post-SNL "harem" video, which showed Sanchez squeezing into a limo with six women who turned out to be regular 'ole friends of friends, not anything glamorous or decadent. Despite some high profile dates with supermodels and Soprano's stars, a friend of his says, "His girlfriend is New York Jets football, and she's a very jealous girlfriend. I don't think he's been able or ready to carve out time for anything except his job. He's not dating right now, because he just loves football." Let's just hope there aren't any troubles in their relationship, after an abysmal showing in last weekend's pre-season game with the Panthers.