If current reports are true, stud QB Mark Sanchez has finally found someone to sing show tunes with. Sources are reporting that the 24-year-old is dating ESPN journalist Lindsay McCormick. A source told Page Six, “Mark and Lindsay have known each other as friends for a long time, but have been seeing each other for a few weeks," but the even more reliable OK! quotes McCormick saying, "I guess I’m not being bold enough, but I’m not dating Mark Sanchez." The Post Chronicle also reports she said she could never live down dating a Jets player. Says the Texans fan.

McCormick, a Houston native, has hosted MTVu's "The Dean’s List" and has reported on NFL games for ESPN The Magazine. She told the Post that Sanchez “is totally focused on football right now, so he wouldn’t be dating anyone seriously.” So that leaves us pretty much where we started. We'd like to take this time to start a rumor that Mark Sanchez is secretly dating Christine Baranski, because people will believe anything.