The NFL season is quickly approaching, so time for hotshot quarterbacks to start taking off their clothes, right? Luckily the Jets' very own Mark Sanchez is, once again, more than happy to oblige: the quarterback is the cover boy for the September issue of GQ. A teaser is now online and beyond showing Sanchez in various states of undress (also in skintight white denim), it offers a tiny nugget of almost-gossip (Sanchez once got mad at Rex Ryan!) and further cements Sanchez's reputation as being as good a friend to Dorothy as anyone else currently throwing the pigskin professionally.

But first, that fight. Earlier this year, after the Dolphins and the Patriots wiped up the Jets, Rex Ryan told reporters he would consider benching Sanchez, and that hurt Mark's feelings. "I wanted to fight him," Sanchez says. "I was really mad." But that was then. While the newly tattooed Coach and his star haven't joked about it, they've since made up. Scandalous!

Meanwhile, the teaser also offers examples of how Sanchez is just a really nice guy (he doesn't know the difference between a State Dinner and a Steak Dinner! Ha!) and how the big fan of musical theater has the most homo-friendly DVR this side of a tweenage girl. A DVR he likes to flip through in front of reporters while standing around in a towel:

Maybe the most striking thing about Sanchez's home is what's on the DVR. Holding a white towel around his waist, heading for the shower, he flips through his saved shows. A documentary about Justin Bieber? Episodes of Glee? The quarterback of the New York Jets is a Gleek and a Belieber?

Whatever, though. Better he has the taste of a teenage girl than he be dating one, right?