2008_12_mcuomo.jpgIt's been 14 years since Mario Cuomo left the Governor's Mansion, but he still hasn't taken time out to sit for his official Governor's Portrait. According to the NY Times, while successor George Pataki's portrait will be unveiled next year, Cuomo is a bit more modest. He "suggested he found the whole idea pompous. He also said he had no patience for posing: 'I went to electric razors so I would not have to look at myself in the morning.'" But the State is impatient --and may chose a image of Cuomo that might not be flattering to avoid having a "12-year blank" in the gallery of governors past. Illustrator Thomas Fuchs offers some illustrations of Cuomo in the style of Warhol, Mondrian, Picasso and R. Crumb, and CityRoom is welcoming readers' submissions of Cuomo portraits, too. Slightly related: Even former NJ Governor James McGreevey has his official portrait!