2005_11_mariocuomonyc.jpgA few days ago, 1010 WINS had a story about how New York state has the leading 2008 Presidential contenders, with Hillary Clinton currently leading the Democrats and Rudy Giuliani leading the Republicans at this very early stage. But what was more interesting was the commentary about the NY political scene from former Governor Mario Cuomo. Cuomo told 1010 WINS that he wasn't surprised by Clinton's or Giuliani's popularity...BUT:

If you were Merlin and you had taken a young boy with a fragile build and dipped him into the cauldron of boiling juices from lizards' insides and produced a knight with the biggest, broadest sword ever seen, you wouldn't have a better miracle than Giuliani produced by 9-11. I wish I could say he was the product of a developed politics here that is so strong, but he wasn't. And, neither was Hillary. Hillary was an import from Washington who chose, to our benefit, to come to New York. Both these people — yeah, they are New Yorkers now and very much so, but not a product of New York politics.

Snap snap! If 2008 were a contest between Clinton and Giuliani, our heads would implode. We bet both conventions would be held in NYC, and then the Armageddon happens.

And Cuomo ran for the Democratic mayoral nod back in 1977, but lost to Ed Koch.

[Via reader Josh - thanks for this gem]